JNH Apps for iPhone, iPad and Android

Crit-IQ utilized JNH Software for our upgrade Apple App and our new Android App and very happy with Jonathan's professionalism and attention to detail. We have recently instructed Jonathan's team to produce a much larger App via Apple and expect this to be of a similar high quality.

I would be very happy to recommend JNH Software to anyone.

Kevin Murphy
Crit-IQ Director

All About You (for Android)

Are you short of time, and always loosing track of your professional appointments? Then All About You is here to help. It is your personal assistant to help you make and keep appointments. Keep track of your work roster, flights, accommodation, car hire, real estate, medical/dental, insurance, uniform, shares, investments, sporting, shopping, entertainment, dining, banking. These different categories can be turned off if not required. In each case you can clone a previous event or add a new one. The app then keeps track of all the details for each event; like accommodation - start and finish dates, cost and motel name and address. And flight - number, seat number and terminal information etc as appropriate for each category.

Spelling Heroes (for iPad)

Can your child read AND write the one hundred most common used words in English? This is the app ALL children need! It uses a tried and true spelling strategy ­ Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check­ to ensure that children can not only READ These words but can WRITE them as well. It has been developed by a teacher who specialises in the area of Literacy and Reading Recovery and is aligned with best contemporary teaching practice.

Students at Work: Student Edition (for iPhone & iPad)

Workplace learning and experience can be a daunting process for students. As teachers, we can underestimate the preparation and organisation required for student’s to make a smooth transition into the workplace. This iPad or iPhone application gives your students all of the tools they need to be successful in their work placement.

The Bum App (for iPhone & iPad)

- “Does my bum look fat in this?” The question all boyfriends, husbands dread. Here’s the answer. The Bum App. Take a photo of the your partner’s bum then manipulate it with the App accordingly (make it larger or smaller) and you are out of jail. They get to decide for themselves.

- This revolutionary App resolves the issue that all men encounter. The Bum App.

Students at Work

Students at Work: Teacher Edition (for iPad)

- Keeping track of your student’s participation and progress in the workplace is easy with Students@Work – Teacher edition. Finally, the perfect application for teachers with student’s participating in vocational programs and work placement.

- Its user-friendly design features all of the tools a busy teacher needs to maintain a high level of organisation and records without the messy paperwork.

Footy Record

CT Scan (for iPad)

- CT scanning is a common investigation in critical care and emergency medicine. A thorough understanding of the appearance of common pathology is important. This app covers a broad range of frequently seen diseases seen in this context, and is essential for any trainee or consultant in the critical care and emergency environment.

- This app displays scan sequences in high definition. Scans can be "scrolled" through, giving viewers a 3-dimensional understanding of the structures displayed. Users can review the scans after reviewing the clinical context, then continue to review the scan while listening to the radiologist's report. Each study contains a tutorial on the pathology demonstrated

Footy Record

Footy Record (for iPhone & iPad)

- Need live AFL footy scores? Here they are

- However there is a twist, you make up your scores

- Concept created by a Richmond supporter sick of not being able to gloat at live scores

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iPhone App OnTimeSheet

On Time Sheet (for iPhone & iPad)

- Fast and easy timesheet recording

- Spreadsheet generation

- Integrated eMail

- Remembers previously entered values for fast data entry

- Interfaces with On Time On Budget - Project Management Software

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iPhone Game

Escapien (for iPhone & iPad)

- FREE Game

- Help the Alien to Escape

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Footy Record

Data Interpretation (for iPhone, iPad & Android)

Data interpretation is essential to all clinicians who care for critically ill patients. The ability to recognize common patterns of disease or investigation results is fundamental to establishing the correct diagnosis. This app will be valuable to all critical care clinicians by providing them with instant "experience", so that when they come across something in practice, they will be able to recognize it.

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Surgical Logbook Icon

Surgical Logbook (for iPhone & iPad)

An easy to use application designed to aid students, surgical trainees and surgeons to keep a readily upto date logbook of procedures performed. The collaboration of a surgical resident and a designer, this intuitive app simplifies the process of self-auditing.

- User friendly design for quick entry of case details on the go

- Customisable and simplified menus to allow practical logbook entry

- Description recall feature allows previously entered fields to be saved for future use

- Add operative or identifier photos to logbook entries

- Backup individual entries or the complete logbook via email in spreadsheet format

- Logbook statistics filtered by procedure, surgeon or operative role

- Security Password feature to aid in keeping data confidential

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