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Does your practice use MediFlex and Xero?

And do you spend time manually entering data from your MediFlex reports into Xero?

Well no more. Introducing a transfer program that takes your MediFlex data and loads it into Xero – ready for printing doctors' recipient created tax invoices, and P&L’s, etc. 

This new software, called M2X, has been developed in Geelong by JNH Software Pty Ltd. The software is written with the same tools that MediFlex use so it will run on any workstation that is currently running MediFlex. Developed in conjunction with Myers Street Family Medical Practice in Geelong, the software has been in operation since January 2015 and is currently saving that practice one day’s labour (for the general manager) per month. “This has been a great step forward, reducing chances of data entry mistakes and saving a large amount of time…It simplifies a time consuming process greatly. Thanks.” said Durham Green, General Manager.

To discuss how this tool can save you time and money contact Jonathan Harris at JNH Software Pty Ltd on 03 5259 2304.